Small Group Yoga

The benefits of Yoga have been documented for centuries. The American Osteopathic Association does a great job of detailing both the physical and mental benefits here.

Benessere has certified yoga instructors who lead small group yoga classes ranging from 2 to 6 student and are perfect for those who are:

  • Striving to become more limber and flexible.
  • Wanting to take a break from the workplace and return more refreshed.
  • Looking for a way to better manage life stresses.
  • Trying to balance career and family.
  • Feel overwhelmed or burned out.
  • Struggle with neurological challenges.
  • Struggle with anxiety.
  • Want to try yoga but are intimidated by physical or social limitations.
  • Want to try yoga but uncomfortable going to a gym or yoga studio.
  • Love yoga and want a convenient option close to work.
  • Feel like there is no time for self care.
  • Find it challenging to relax.

Classes offered are designed to give you the space and environment to deepen your existing practice or; for beginners, to try yoga, learn basic poses and breathing techniques so you can be comfortable attending a class at any yoga studio or gym.

Our mid-day classes are designed to fit into a 1 hour break from work 45-50 minutes in length including savasana.  While shorter than most traditional classes, they are designed to eliminate any stress of not being able to get back to work on time yet still obtaining the benefits of yogic relaxation.  Other longer classes will also be offered.

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Prefer a private session?  Learn more about our private yoga sessions here.