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Reiki Therapy with Dan

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The Reiki treatments of Dan are unique to him and every client. There is no contact made because this is purely energy based. It is recommended to remove your shoes, but that is also optional. Some clients will feel the energy coursing or tingling/buzzing in parts of their body, and in some cases they will feel nothing at all.

Reiki is a complementary treatment, meaning that it compliments whatever treatment you may be undergoing. The receiver’s energy frequency gets raised and with this increase of their vital life force (chi) the body relaxes and harmonizes. Whatever the case, one needs to ask themselves; compared to other types of natural or complimentary treatments, what have you got to lose by trying a Reiki treatment for yourself or loved one? For your pet?

Dan Vasquez is an independent practitioner at Benessere Fresno. For questions about his services reach him directly at (559) 244-9444 or dannyvasquez09@gmail.com