Reiki Therapy

To book with Kristina call her at 559-824-6476.

Reiki helps promote the natural ability to heal.  When we feel content and are in good health, our energy is in flow.  Conversely, when we are anxious, stressed, depressed, and/or have traumas, our energy is depleted, negatively affecting our overall wellbeing.  Addressing the underlying energy system, Reiki helps blocked energy to move and assists in creating harmony by releasing imbalances.

Using Crystal Reiki Therapy, Reiki energy comes through the crown chakra from above and the crystals used in a session add grounding energy from the earth.  Together these energies work seamlessly, creating a beautiful healing modality.

A few of the benefits of Reiki Treatment:

  • Compliment medical treatments and other therapies
  • Dissolve energy blockages
  • Promote natural balance between mind, body & spirit
  • Improve sleep
  • Aid in relief of pain and support healing of the physical body

Reiki Treatments are available in 30 or 50 minute sessions: 

$50 Member/$55 Non Member

$40 Member/$45 Non Member

To book a session see the calendar below or reach Kristina directly at or KrissannBeWell on Instagram.